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Sol-R-Skin is the patent pending combination of roof underlayment and reflective foil insulation which form a radiant barrier with the highest R Value available on the market today.

Sol-R-Skin Class A Thermal Underlayment

SOL-R-Skin New Construction and Retrofit

SOL-R-Skin Installation

SOL-R-Skin can help improve productivity, comfort and lower energy costs for your home by addressing all three modes of heat transfer; radiation, conduction and convection. First generation reflective insulations utilized packaging materials such as bubble or foams to create the core. These products worked well but limitations relating to where they could be used due to the safety concerns relating to fire issues. These products are mostly vapor barriers so an additional underlayment must usually be installed, adding labor and installation cost.

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With SOL-R-Skin
Under stone coated shingles with battens

Without SOL-R-Skin

Class A / Class 1 Fire Rating

Having undergone difficult to pass burning brand test for fire barriers, Sol-R-Skin Class A Thermal Underlayment has a Class A/Class 1 fire rating as tested to ASTM E-108 and ASTM E84.

Meets New Code Regulations

Meets the requirements of Wildlife Urban Interface and is the only underlayment listed with CalFire.  Sol-R-Skin is also listed with Miami Dade County, Florida Product Approval and Intertek.

Thin Rolls / Easy Installation

Sol-R-Skin Class A Thermal Underlayment is shipped as a 4 square roll measuring 4.5' X 100', 12" diameter and only 45 lbs making it easy to handle and install.

  1. Sol-R-Skin Composite Underlayment

SOL-R-Skin Composite is a strong underlayment bonded to a scrim reinforced highly polished, pure aluminium radiant barrier that faces out to reflect radiant heat flow. SOL-R-Skin Composite has an emissivity of .03, meaining that it reflects 97% of radiant heat flow. The light weight, 21 lbs., 4.5 square rolls measure 5" in diameter and is easily handled on the roof.

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Roofing Radiant Barrier

Our insulation is not manufactured like most rolled insulation products. Our patent pending process creates a stronger product with a more elegant board-like appearance.

Highest R Values Available

Based upon decades of research and development, International Insulation Products manufactures insulation that exceed the industry standard R-Value.

Reinforced Durability

Many insulation manufacturers use glue adhesive to adhere the facing to the fiberglass core. Our heat-sealing technology produces a more rigid one-piece bond.