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eShield - Reflective Foil Insulation – Thermal Protection for Roofs, Attics, & Walls

eShield – Reflective Foil Insulation – Thermal Protection for Roofs, Attics, & Walls.
Able to stop more than 97-percent of radiant heat, eShield™ multilayer reflective foil insulation is an exceptionally efficient and innovative solution to thermal insulation needs. Most types of insulation protect against conduction and convection, measured by R-values. However, they fall short of eShield when it comes to E-value, which measures radiant heat transfer, the main source of lost heat in homes. By coupling eShield with existing home insulation, you can create a complete solution to all types of heat transfer.

eShield™ insulation is a 3 layer composite comprised of a perforated foil facing, a Microlite fiberglass core and a reflective foil facing.

Available sizes
  • • 24”x50’
  • • 48”x50’
Test Data

Flame Spread: 20 (ASTM E84-10a)

Smoke Developed: 10 (ASTM E84-10a)

Full Scale Corner Room: PASS (UL 1715/UBC 26-3)

Thermal Performance:

  • Heat Flow Down R 12.82 air to air (ASTM C1363/C1224)
  • Heat Flow Up R 9.24 air to air (ASTM C1363/C1224)
  • Heat Flow Horizontal R 10.60 air to air (ASTM C1363/C1224)
Safety Data

Direct contact with the fiberglass may cause eye, skin and respiratory tract irritant. Do not rub.

Skin Contact

Direct contact with the skin may cause mechanical irritation. If irritation occurs, long sleeves, loose fitting clothing, gloves, and eye protection are recommended. Wash exposed areas with soap and water after handling. Wash clothes separately and rinse out washer after each use.

Eye Contact

Flush with running water for a minimum of 15 minutes. Apply sterile eye wash to remove foreign bodies from the eye(s).


If respiratory tract is irritated, remove from exposure. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

Fire Warning

Unusual Fire Hazards: Fiberglass insulation is a non-flammable product. Caution should be used when working close to the facing or packaged material with open flame. Chemicals in plastic packaging products that do not present a health hazard under normal conditions may be released during a fire. Toxic fumes and gases that may result from incomplete combustion include carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride and low-level cyanides. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen and consult a physician.

Accidental Release Measures

Avoid dust-generating means of clean-up.

Handling & Storage

Store insulation in a dry location and remove from any source of ignition or flammable products. The information relates only to the particular product and not to the product when used in combination with any other materials. It is the user’s responsibility to take proper precautions when using this product and ensure its own compliance with applicable local and governmental laws and regulations.

eShield Multiple Applications and Installation

Green Remodeling With eShield™

eShield radiant insulation is becoming more and more recognized for its affordability, efficiency, and environmentally-friendly design. Because it allows homeowners to use existing insulation, rather than waste money and materials buying more or replacing the old, this energy saving product helps both your wallet and the Earth. These qualities also make eShield™ an especially popular product for green remodeling.

tax credits with eshield

eShield qualifies for certain federal energy tax credits. You may also qualify for state, municipal and utility company rebates and credits.

Click the links below for details: US Department of Energy

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