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Savings With Radiant Barriers

Savings With Radiant Barriers

Looking for ways to save on utilities? Changing your light bulbs to compact fluorescent and installing a programmable thermostat will result in energy savings but an even greater way to save is implementing radiant barriers. In fact, radiant barriers have been shown to reduce energy costs by up to forty percent.

Roofing radiant barrier attic impactMany homeowners tend to think that radiant barriers cannot be installed once a home has already been insulated. However, radiant barriers can actually be installed alongside preexisting insulation.

Retrofitting with radiant barriers means that cost can be saved by using the preexisting benefits of the current insulation. Additional costs are reduced because there is no insulation removal or disposal fees which commonly occur when updating insulation. Furthermore, Energy Tax Credits can be issued for installing reflective insulation in qualified states.

While radiant barrier remodeling or retrofitting can be done by trained installers, many homeowners have found the process to be straightforward and easy enough to do themselves. Similarly, many business owners and management groups have found that retrofitting their existing commercial structure’s insulation with radiant barriers has been relatively easy and yielded great savings.